Thursday, March 22, 2012

'Twas ever thus*

Editors at The Mustang Daily, where I had worked as a Cal Poly journalism student, agreed to let me draw editorial cartoons shortly after I had graduated in the 20th Century, in my effort to land a full-time job at it.

Though funding for higher education is truly in crisis now, and public education increasingly goes to the highest bidder, and students are staying in school longer (if they can still afford to) just to get the classes they need to graduate, affordable higher education has always been screwed, and screwed with, as this 'toon reveals.

Although, considering how little we had to pay for our education compared to students now — and how much we got for so little — maybe I should be too ashamed even to post it. I said maybe.

*cite whomever you want on this one: R. Crumb, John Keating, Wm. Shakespeare, et. al.


  1. LOL! The Animal Science project looks like my Jr. High science project that got third prize locally and Hon. Mention at the State Level. Oy!