Friday, July 1, 2011

The Tiger Shall Goof Off with the Dragon

We went for fun and frolic this year for the Kodenkan Kids' camp shirts.

Larry Carter runs the camp in the Siskiyous each summer, and this time wanted to show off the other fun the camp provides, especially jumping into a creek pool from a low cliff.

I tweaked the composition and made the tiger more tiger-y.
It's a departure from previous shirt designs, all variations on yin yang and the balancing properties of dragon and tiger.

Always fun exercises, this one gave me the chance to use the black shirt as the character's outline, so I had to build the shirt almost like stained glass, of loose-fitting shapes, each one of which I had to refine to create a uniformly thick black line and substantial shadow.

Here's a sketch for the final design, as well as some other variations:

Actual jujitsu is also fun for the campers, though just the
idea of it makes my bones groan

Another look …
Just a style variation …

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