Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lake Natoma monster, caught on film!

Actual footage of the end of the Fire Cracker 8k swim on Lake Natoma, July 4. My wife Nancy is narrating; my friend Paul Vega is steering in the stern of the canoe; my daughter Maura is swimming behind, having jumped in the water at the end to greet me; and her childhood friend Jenny is awaiting on the rocks below the Rainbow Bridge. Four-point-eight miles from Nimbus Flat at the other end (my wife gave me two-tenths of a mile extra credit.)

My technique at this point is shot: My right arm barely clears the water, I'm not turning my body from side to side so much, and my legs are kicking furiously against the strengthening current. But as my swim buddy Jim Morrill says, "We all swam the same distance. You just enjoyed it longer."

I wanna keep going and keep getting better. So in that sense, I won.

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