Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Root of all evil

David Suter, a great illustrator, inspired this study.

Suter mastered mashing multiple disparate elements to create a single dominant (if concealed) message.

The message emerged from the shape of the elements in concert, or from the nothingness held bound by them. Suterisms, they're called.

This is for a magazine story on the pinnacles and pitfalls of owning a retail space.

(Can you spot the message?)

Maybe soon I'll post the finished art; I'm not sure if it delivered on the potential of the study.

That's why I love sketches and studies. So much promise! So much life!

Jim Borgman knows this. The former editorial cartoonist is the illustrator for the Zits comic strip. The first throw-away panel on the Sunday strip always contains a pencil sketch of a scene from the body of the story. Our newspaper luxuriates in publishing the throw-away panels instead of lopping them to make space for other comics.

The same for Disney art books. I looooooove the development sketches for animated characters, so lively, so … animated! By comparison the production stills from the finished animation are so … dead and still.

Here's to our potential!

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