Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Morning breath

(Or, my continuing love affair with Prismacolor™© pencils …)

Just a little early-week morsel, an illustration for a magazine story warning home brewers how to avoid making bad beers.

I yanked out my inner child on this one, remembering the textbook illustrations of our tongues and how each section specializes in tasting sweet or salty or savory or Cheetos™®.

I let the uvula way back there be the arbiter of taste.

'Tis another project which I drew with Prismacolor®© and brush and ink, photocopied onto stiff art paper and watercolored, the liquid color resisting the black toner.

The little call-outs were drawn and painted separately, reduced and copied on art paper, and painted, cut out and pasted on. Old school —ish.


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