Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wierdest assignment ever

Kids! This is how hearing loss worked in the 20th Century. Yank those earbuds and pay attention!
How best to describe different levels of long-term hearing loss? Why, with the Grim Reaper and his patented three-bladed scythe (precursor to the multiblade disposable shaving razor), of course.
This was for a magazine called Dance Teacher Now (as opposed to Dance Teacher Next Week), which either died or became Dance Teacher Magazine, I'm not sure which.

I'm not sure whether to futz with my fuzzy memory and claim ownership of this concept (it was looong ago), or whether I was drawing someone else's fuzzy-headed idea.


I'll take credit for choice of medium, anyway. Though I had finished it out in Rapidograph technical pen, I must have decided that to really sell this ludicrous idea, it needed the German expressionism scratchboard treatment.
The notation at bottom right doesn't really help …

There, finished! And yet …
Mr. Reaper? Can I call you Grim? Grimster? Yeah, just hold that pose …

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