Thursday, September 22, 2011

Monsters inside me

Robert Mott, a high school classmate and graphic designer on the other coast, inspired this idea for my self-assigned project to name the group of stupids (me included) who want to swim chilly Lake Natoma year 'round.

He also recommended Lake Natomaniacs (germs of which are still bouncing about my brainpan) and the Lake Natoma Shrinkage Monitoring Team (with a nod, he says, to George Costanza).

I told him the guys in the bunch already suffer significant shrinkage since the fastest, by so far it's funny, is our friend Kathy Morlan.

The monsters of Robert's recommendation took hold of me right away. Of course, Loch Natoma, like Loch Ness! I immediately pictured the nebulous pictures of Nessie (and of Champ, the monster that feeds the imagination of New Yorkers and Vermonters and Canadians who share Lake Champlain), especially the indeterminate bumps above the surface of the water that follow the vague shape of what may be a head.

I turned the bumps into the synchronized strokes of swimmers (would that we were ever that close or that coordinated in the water!), and created a goggle-eyed monster.

(Which reminds me, did you know Mark Spitz won his seven gold medals during the 1972 Olympics swimming without goggles?! And the drag of a porn star's enormous mustache?! Boggling!)

The logo needed a lot of green to reflect the barely translucent Natoma waters.

I'm not sure about the letterforms, which I made up. I think they fight with the illustration, and with each other, as if half formed from a half-formed and caffeine-bereft brow. Or maybe it's the Berthold City typeface that needs to go. Hmm.

Another idea just dislodged from the unfurling folds of my brain is this (right), which is a bit more cerebral and therefore really, really dumb.

Who's got more ideas with which I can muck about?

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