Thursday, September 29, 2011

Believe it or not, it's just me*


That was my first thought when Robert Mott suggested Natomaniacs as an identity for our year 'round Lake Natoma swim group.

I didn't think it would work (at which point you might say I'm right). But Robert knows of which he speaks, and there was something in it that wouldn't shake its grip on me.

After a half-dozen half-realized doodles concentrating on letterforms, thinking the solution was purely typographic, I drew one fat N and that led me immediately to Aquaman and the old titling for that Silver Age comic superhero. So I riffed.

(The dude never really took off, by the way, did he? Was he Neptune or wasn't he? And if he was, why dumb it down with "Aquaman?" "Neptune" has a few centuries of brand loyalty and street cred, and is probably in the public domain …)

Why not? In our quixotic endeavor to swim the lake all year, we might as well cast ourselves as heroic, even superheroic. No one else will, surely. The green, green, green (did I mention green?) lake is our nemesis.

My son, the graphic designer home from college for a long weekend, said I might as well take it another step and riff off the DC Comics logo, thus "The Lake" gets its own badge.

I'm still kicking around ideas from actual crazies who swim with me but I welcome other ideas. Send 'em along.

* "Greatest American Hero" theme song, Mike Post ("Rockford Files!") and Stephen Geyer.

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