Thursday, May 14, 2015

Not bad

Dear Mr. San Francisco Giants,

Ok, that's better.

Not great, but better.

You're not losing so much, like you thought that was the object of the game.

You're winning more with last-minute heroics.

You've got a rookie who can really pitch, making up for the loss of one veteran and the wheezing efforts of a couple other veteran pitchers.

Another rookie can really hit, and quietly demonstrates that maybe you shouldn't have traded for a third baseman, because you've been grooming one all along.

You've got a real and permanent left fielder now, who makes me want to be in front of the TV when he's up to bat. He can cobble a hit simply by slapping a high bouncer into the infield.

Timmy's pitching like the old Timmy, only craftier. Romo struck out the league's scariest hitter with bases loaded! Crawford hits and hits, and hits for power. Panik's so good, it makes me wonder why more baseball players aren't named Joe. They're almost obscuring Angel Pagan's consistency, raking doubles and triples. Almost.

You're entertaining and exciting.

Keep it up. The Dodgers have 53 home runs. You've got 21. Work to do.

I hear basketball is being played somewhere. That's nice.

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