Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Home of the brave face

Dear Mr. San Francisco Giants,

I don't expect you to win another World Series this year. I don't think you expect a World Series ring this year, either.

Not that you're not going to try, I expect.

Word is you've got a lot of money sitting around, which you could spend on talent enough to chase another title, but I think you're holding back, seeing how honest a shot you can make of a title run with the considerable talent you have, then maybe spending big next year after your players have rested up with a regular-length season. After all, you're trending toward championships every other year.

Keep us interested this year, make us hungry next year: Good strategy all around.

I'm happy watching your considerable talent take that honest shot.

I just didn't expect you to forget how to win. Four and 10? Eight losses in a row?

That noise, by the way, is righteous laughter from everyone who wants to see you go down. The high cackle is from Dodgers' fans, showing up tonight.

Quit fooling around.

Unless that's your problem, and the game isn't any fun. In which case, start fooling around.

Try to win at least every other game.

Until then, I'll slap a smile on my face and stay tuned.

Yours very truly,

A. Nony Mous

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