Thursday, January 1, 2015

Nowhere to go

I don't know, it sort of felt like this again last year …

May we make this year better.

Oh look, it's already started. From one of many New Year's Day swims taking place around the world — including our own at Lake Natoma — I got to design the cap for one of them, in Walter Dods' community out in New Mexico:

Swimming, we swimmers have resolved, is salve. Maybe not a cure, but a medicine, stout to reset and steel you for the trials ahead. Which is why, even though Colin Hay sang in "Beautiful World:"
All around is anger automatic guns
It's death in large numbers, no respect for women or our little ones
I tried talking to Jesus but He just put me on hold
Said He'd been swamped by calls this week
And He could not shake His cold

And still this emptiness persists
Perhaps this is as good as it gets
Hay proclaimed the liberty of swimming in the sea. And it is as good as it gets.

May we make this year better.

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