Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Step by step

  1. Draw a picture in pencil, in this case for a story on insurance and the result of not having enough.
  2. Photocopy it onto standard multipurpose paper, robin's egg blue.
  3. With a fine but junky brush, paint bleach where you want the blue color to … well, bleach, to create highlights.
  4. Scan the drawing into Adobe™® Illustrator.
  5. Create a high-falutin' gradient mesh to darken the blue in the upper right and lower left corners.
  6. Throw it over to Photoshop©®. Sweat the damning mystery that is Photoshop™©. Breathe. Relax.
  7. Add some yellow to the white highlights, suggesting spotlights on our upset heroine.
  8. Futz with the border.

Et voilĂ ! A multimedia work, suitable for framing.

If ya gotta crooked frame on you.


  1. 9. Get thee to th' Bonn Lair and reward thyself with a black&tan....