Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hot enough for you?

Temperatures should climb to 108 today in the Sacramento region, up to 110 tomorrow, cooling again to 108 again for the Fourth of July. The famed Delta breezes, drawing in from the ocean at night, have failed to deliver us: Dawn broke at 85 degrees.

This treatment for a book cover a while back might have been for a steamy jungle somewhere (who knows? Somewhere. A jungle from a dream.) One variation shows an encampment above the foreground fronds. It hangs on my office wall as a remembrance of how I somehow managed to let the white paper speak, and didn't overwork the charcoal.

Today I regard the whitespace steam as mist, the scene as a cool morning, a place of rest.

If it's hot where you are, hotter than it should be, I offer this vision as a palliative.

Be cool.

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