Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Halloween leftovers

Oooh, very scary!
Designer and marketing maven Paul Vega came up with a charming and disarming way of branding his client's competition — depict them as zombies, oafs and thugs.
Nothing personal.

Paul had already helped establish Pacific Field Service as superheroes — literally — in the property inspection and management industries, and had me embody their services in befitting characters.

This time Paul had me help poke a little Halloween fun at the rest of the industry, for a pop-up-out-of-the-woodwork mailer sent to prospective clients.

One of the Pacific Field Service Superheroes (left) flies to the rescue when recipients open the mailer.

It's all very pulpy and comic-y.

Here are some of the early sketches, and the customer frightened by them all:

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