Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday trifle

Something light and fun for a heavy day. Permit me an ego stroke — I like this for many reasons:

1. The client had a tight deadline, and meant it.

2. The client liked the terms and I surpassed them.

3. Ideas poured through my pencil.

4. The client responded immediately to the sketches and bid me get going already!

5. I powered through, feeling good about working fast, and congratulating myself for being able to create a juicy ink line righthanded with a mouse (my left hand free to pat my back) without too much trouble. I'm just that way, generous with compliments.

6. Haste harnessed happy accidents, and I found a way to retain liveliness in the finished product. (How often I'd rather submit sketches in place of finished art; I sometimes choke out the spontaneity as I wrestle the sketch into finished form).

7. The client had but tiny changes before going to final art.

8. The dude's purpose is to promote a wine appreciation class in a whimsical, unpretentious way, which I would endorse. I'll assume the client was unaware of my theory on wine. Otherwise, who knows whether this dude would have abided.

9. I draw to see what happens next, and to entertain myself. Payment is bonus; even now I'm staring at it on the computer screen, chin in my hand. Is that so wrong?!
Regrets, I've had a few …

I would like to have explored other ideas more pertinent to the venue. The client already had the idea of a Roman emperor figure hoisting the glass, and wanted to carry it through. It's a visual cliche´, not quite Nero, borderline Bacchus, a bit Animal House. I wonder how this became the go-to image of wine enjoyment.

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