Tuesday, May 29, 2012

In the swim

Short of schlepping pop-up tents and tables, and operating a stopwatch, I was not much help with our daughter's sports. When allowed, I designed logos instead.

I took advantage of our kids' high school's lack of graphic standards (tightened up recently, with Boston College apparently asking the school to stop using a modification of its eagle logo; though the football team still uses the Philadelphia Eagles' helmet insignia) to come up with a water polo design one season. It just had to be eagle-ish and use the words El Camino or the initials EC.

Inspired by the motivational coaches on our daughter's team, and the cohesive boys' and girls' water polo program (and, I admit, a short-lived trend in baroque flourishes in TV and clothing design for the teen demographic), I created this fire-and-water look evoking a bird in flight. Water for the battleground, and fire for the passion with which the teams often played.

Here are some variations for a summer program, not yet used (left):

Maura's youth swim team changed its name from the Sea Wolves to the Piranhas. though I did artwork for the former, it's locked away in 20th Century digital storage and I've yet to get a chance to pry it out.

This is the mark (below) I did for the Piranhas, which I understand the team still uses.

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