Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The eyes have it

He knows when you are sleeping, comrade …
Change happens, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

A Luddite from way back, I meet change with lethargy, so facebook's new Timeline feature — and the subsequent cattle call to get all us facebookers with the program on the new format — left me catatonic …

… until I saw the great big picture frame facebook gives us to reveal things visual about our lives.

Though not eager to populate my profile with actual information about my life — it bores me even to contemplate telling it — I don't mind rebranding my artwork.

So I'm performing wholesale surgery on my collection, extricating the eyes in each and blowing them up mondo large, mad scientist style.

No big deal, so to speak. Just trying to make the space interesting.

Then a few people indicated they "liked" the resulting abstract shapes, which surprised me (that you could "like" that picture, for starters; that facebook even tells people that I put up a new picture — can't make a move without facebook telling everyone you know; and that people would find the abstraction remarkable.)

It occurred to me that I should post the artwork from which those abstractions came. The eyes above come from the holiday card I call "Commie Santa:"

The Peter Max-ish monstrosity below is a blow-up of a grand ol' caricature I made of The Daily Show Host Jon Stewart:

First up: This tiki-inspired logo for a Boy Scout summer camp excursion:
More to come …

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