Friday, August 5, 2011

Spreading pestilence

A tad Hitchcockian …
Someday, I hope, T-shirts with this image will be offered for sale at the Sacramento History Museum gift shop, and shoppers will think it cool and help spread the word that Sacramento, a city that really should not have been built where it is, survived calamity (devastating floods) after calamity (near-total conflagrations) after calamity (epidemics) with moxie, stubbornness, ingenuity and heaps of righteous arrogance.

The Sacramento Underground tour tells the whole lunatic story.

Until funding makes that time possible, I just thought I'd post the image, if for nothing else than a little eye candy.
Underground comix. Get it?

If you like that sort of thing. Here are some of the early concept sketches:
Visitors find themselves under the existing sidewalks.
Hundreds of house jacks raised the city.

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