Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I was a fantasy football league logo designer

The accountant in question was decidedly unlike his logo manifestation.

My son joined a fantasy baseball league for the upcoming season. All I have to say is "Oy!" Or, "My condolences." As a fantasy baseball owner once, I realized to my dismay that I would then have to follow players I didn't care about. 
Hypehenating? Is this even allowed in logos under the Geneva Conventions?

Worse was when I drafted players for a co-worker's fantasy football team in his absence. It was hour upon hour of numbness, as I proposed players about which I had no context (except that they were on the absent owner's list; woe would be unto me for picking players if his first choices were already nabbed …) and then looked at the other owners' faces for signs of whether it was a good pick.
From some long-forgotten inside joke.
More fun by far was designing logos for a bunch of fantasy football team owners once. No money in it, of course, but I didn't lose any money this way, either.

Later I designed the logo for an adult co-ed softball team I belonged to. We lived in a neighborhood known as Arden Manor.
The type reminds me of Spy vs. Spy, somehow. Though not rowdy, some among us would argue meaningless calls
in friendly games in an embarrassingly childish manner.
The type solution came with three illustration choices for the team members to choose:
The base eater …
The somewhat kindlier base stealer …

The gender-neutral tornado. It was slow-pitch softball; the shape behind home plate
enlarged the pitcher's target.
Unfortunately for my ego, no T-shirts were made. :(


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