Monday, January 3, 2011

… to save the day!

Advantar Man (no sexy superhero name or backstory, yet; maybe his inability to balance molar equations turned him to a life of chemistry), is a media creation of Bouchard Communications Group for Advantar Laboratories, and Bouchard let me come up with him. Here he is at work (above). And here he is in evolution:

The client wanted something between Superman and the Flintstones, which is a wild and weird divide to navigate.

Whatever direction this guy was going to take, apparently he was going to have a chin with its own area code.

With a body to mix and match:
My preference: Clean lines.
Cartoon steroid version.
Jack Kirby on steroids.
Jack Kirby on helium.
Pretty much it.
Superman and Fred Flintstone were murder on this dude's body.

Whichever body he would inhabit, it would be clad in the regulation boots, glove, briefs and cape.

For a brief instant, I turned Advantar Man's head blue: a Bunsen burner flame and a nod to Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen:
Now Advantar man plays the convention circuit:
And the print world: I like this crop; superheroic:

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